Scout Cafe
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Scout Cafe

Scout sits in a narrow and charmingly compact brick building on Petrie Terrace. Take a few steps around the shop and you can see that the brick structure is an extension in front of one of the character terraces that line the street. The owner’s, Susannah Whitehouse and Candy Smith,¬†have re-injected life into the place with a busy and instantly popular cafe, serving good coffee and hot food to the locals. James Talty created their furniture- cleverly combining timbers with steel and leather in his one-off pieces.



Bent and welded 12mm diameter steel rods form the frame for these stools. James carved the seat from Oregon Pine


Red Gum slats span the length of the communal table, and is trimmed with the same timber. Red Gum is a durable hard wood would last well in above ground external situations as well (natural durability class 2).




The counter is decorated with mixed Australian timber strips glued to a plywood panel. His collection of timbers include Red Gum, Silky Oak, Silver Ash, and Queensland Maple.


photography by Jennifer Burley (copyright)

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