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Rod Bligh gives insight into Massive Timber Construction

Rod Bligh, Structural Engineer and founder of Bligh Tanner, has written an article for rich with information on the progress of Massive Timber Construction in Australia. The advantages are obvious and appealing: a sustainable, cleaner, lighter and faster way to build our concrete and steel towers.

While CLT panel construction has received widespread attention in Australia for the Forte Apartments by Lend Lease, a multitude of other techniques are emerging.

The University of Christchurch in New Zealand have been working with Expan to develop composite post tensioned timber LVL beams and frames, and semi hollow cassette floor panels have a promising future.

He also addresses challenges in local Australian supply as well as satisfying BCA requirements. The BCA is skewed towards traditional construction methodologies of concrete and steel, so now that technologies in tall timber buildings are forging ahead, creative ways must be developed to satisfy the BCA fire and acoustic requirements.

To read the full article, click here.



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