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Lynne Smith Joinery

In her past career, Lynne Smith, of Macleay Island, built kitchens out of solid wood, custom designed to each room’s dimensions and quirks. The skills in building and milling traditional joinery are still being passed down and it shows you don’t have to buy a historical estate to have your own kitchen full of old-world cabinetry. Lynne has provided some photos of her past timber projects.

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For the joinery in this kitchen, Lynne had bought an old Queenslander house and recycled the timber which was 90% hoop pine. The species is prized for its light colour and fine grain.

Another advantage of recycled timber is that it is seasoned, and doesn’t warp and cup over time. This means that once the cabinets are painted, the timber won’t shrink, leaving the paint in perfect condition.

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The client bought a sizeable french stove for the kitchen, and Lynne framed it in joinery that mimicked the style of a fireplace. Small timber cabinets and drawers surround the stove and no space is wasted.


The client asked for a French country theme that also blended into the style of their 1930’s Queenslander house with traditional English detailing.

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The client chose this porcelain basin sink. Lynne recommends granite counter tops, and if timber counter tops are chosen, protect them carefully with a clear, hard, resilient coating. Marble can also be used, however it must be sealed carefully as the stone is naturally porous.

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Recycled hoop pine floorboards from a Queenslander house make up this basin dresser. Holes from the original hand-made nails give it historical character.

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The brief from this client was a country kitchen. Lynne framed the twin stoves in fireplace-style joinery with miniature drawers on each side – a popular feature.

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Old hoop pine beams from the Roma Street Train Station were sourced for the counter tops. These were cut down to 40mm thicknesses, glued together, and coated with a 2 pack clear polyurethane.

Lynne’s dedication to detail and craftsmanship create her kitchens’ appeal. Typical modern kitchens offer an assemblage of flat surfaces with a sharp design and chipboard carcasses. So, the traditional shapes, curves and shadows of Lynne’s kitchens, built from solid timber, are a charming alternative.

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