Hyne Beam 21
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Hyne Beam 21

Hyne Beam 21 beams are a glue-laminated hardwood product, and are often used for external structures because they provide high strength and durability. They are also sought if the visual appeal of hardwood is desired. Their high strength and stiffness makes them suitable for commercial projects as well as residential.


The beams are named after their modulus of Elasticity of 21,000 MPa, which is a measure of stiffness. Glued strips of high durability Queensland hardwood form the layers, and their robustness make Glue-lam 21 beams stiff enough to compete with steel in high stress spans.

Quick Facts:

  • The hardwood is sourced from renewable forests
  • The beams are high-end products, and made to order
  • They are durability class 2, ie. can be used in above ground external situations. However, it’s important to talk to your structural engineer, or HYNE, about how to coat and protect the beam from UV rays and weathering.
  • Available in mixed hardwood or Spotted Gum
  • Sizes range from 65mm to 85 mm wide, and 120mm to 600mm deep.
  • Hynebeam 21 beams should be connected in the same way as standard timber beams.
  • Available either straight (Hyne Beam 21S) or pre-cambered (Hyne Beam 21C) to assist with deflection criteria.
  • They are easy to design with Hyne’s free software, Hyne Design 7. The software has been developed by a certified engineer and is available as a download from the Hyne website – www.hyne.com.au

Photos courtesy of Hyne. Please contact Hyne at hyne.com.au or the Timber Post for more information on the photographed projects.


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