Hyne Beam 17
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Hyne Beam 17

Glue laminated Hyne 17 beams are historically popular in residential construction for floor bearers and roof beams as they are the strongest softwood product available. They are a great steel alternative for a fraction of the price.

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Because the beams can be manufactured to any length, they are also highly suited for commercial and institutional buildings, and are strong enough to achieve long spans.

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Glue laminated beams are made by gluing smaller sawn timber pieces together, stacked one on top of the other, to make a single deep strong beam. Hyne Beam 17 beams are made from softwood sourced from sustainable plantations.


Glue lam beams are connected in the same way as solid timber beams. With bolts, screws, or even grouted dowels.


Quick Facts:

  • Glue-lam beams are often manufactured with a pre-camber for single span beams (Hyne Beam 17C). This helps achieve deflection criteria. Straight Glue-lam beams are denoted Hyne Beam 17S.
  • They are cheaper than steel PFC’s for similar applications.
  • A certified engineer can structurally design the beam quickly using free HYNE software Hyne Design 7 or by hand using the timber code.
  • Hynebeam 17 beams can be specified as ‘appearance grade A’ for when the timber is a design feature.
  • Beam lengths are unlimited because it’s a manufactured product, as opposed to solid timber which is generally limited to 6m. However, beam lengths are usually limited to 12m in design for ease of transport. Beams can be joined on site to achieve long lengths if required.
  • A range of Hyne Beam 17 beams are available off the shelf. From 130mm deep to 360mm deep and either 65mm or 85mm wide
  • Untreated Hyne Beam 17 has a durability class of 4
  • They can be ordered as H2 & H3 if required
  • Modulus of Elasticity = 16700 MPa
  • Glue-lam beams can be manufactured in a curved shape


All photos are courtesy of Hyne. For further information on the featured projects, please contact Hyne at Hyne.com.au or the Timber Post.


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