Cambia Wood

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Cambia timber is an American thermally modified wood product produced by Northland Forest Products.

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Thermally modifying timber takes advantage  of the benefits of heating timber that have been used for centuries. Our ancestors charred their timber tools to harden them and learned to scorch fence posts before skewering them into the ground as it prevented rot.

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Cambia timber is heated in a Perdure oven – the first type of oven that can alter timber’s cell properties on an industrial scale in a controlled environment. It heats the timber to 200 degrees Celcius, which is 80% fuelled by the timber itself and releases no atmospheric emissions. For the Perdure technical page, click here.

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Timber fresh out of a Perdure oven. Photo courtesy of

Scorching timber improves durability in several ways. First, it releases the bound water inside the wood cells and alters the cell walls making it hard for them to reabsorb water. This means Cambia timber expands and contracts even less than kiln dried timber and also prevents rot. Next, the heat degrades the organic compounds within timber which would normally be a source of food for insects. Finally, at a certain temperature, the alcohols, resins and tars migrate to the cell walls and form a protective barrier against rotting. These factors all create a very durable timber product, without any chemical treatment.

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Cambia wood is usually made from a fast-growing American hardwood, Yellow Poplar, which they obtain from sustainable plantations. Click here for further information on the Cambia website.


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